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Last week a college mate committed suicide. I can’t imagine the ordeal his parents are going through right now and that’s the point, I CAN’T! We, humans, just have a very lousy limitation to our empathy. This epiphany is weightier than meets the eye. Let me sustain this.

Thought Experiment: Did the Haitian earthquake disaster of 2010 affect you much? Better yet, how would you feel if your nearest shopping mall building collapsed and killed 800 people? Well, would you then be persuaded that it would be ideal to mourn loss of life only if we could appreciate loss of life in the most literal sense possible, ergo from the perspective, typically, of those who are closest in relation to the departed? I think this is just one of those wow moments when Science proves to us that it has no conscience and that it is up to us to employ crutches that can make the difference between us as mere animals and us as remarkable creatures. Science may have made existence possible but only thoughtful humanity can make life flourish.

Knowing the limitation of your empathy makes you realize the extent of your ignorance; whilst you would not likely fabricate emotions from intellect- at least not in this case, you can always learn to deepen your thoughts about loss of life.

About the Author

This was written by Herbert Uba. He is basically on a personal challenge to explain Rocket Science through nursery rhymes.