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I will be blunt and insist that, for most people, having a baby is not as fun as making one. It’s actually a favorite mistake as far as the typical case goes, which begs the question: Is it for everyone? Is it in our best interest to police pregnancies? I mean, China has done it before.


Of course that would be preposterous and having a baby is somewhat a constitutional right (I think I read that somewhere). However, if you contracted your eyes a little you would realize that there is a bigger and more helpful perspective to this. Every right comes with it a responsibility and when this responsibility is not met then this is just social fraud to say the least. I remember sometime back, just to spite a friend, I told him not to call himself a man because of the little hairs on his chin- ‘goats got them’! I guess a similar analogy can be employed. Having a child you cannot take care of is fraudulent and people shouldn’t fight for rights their principles can’t afford.


About the Author

This was written by Herbert Uba. He is on a personal challenge to explain Rocket Science through nursery rhymes.