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One of the most poignant of persuasions I have come under in my life is that Science has no conscience. Life is just based in a spin of a wheel or a roll of a die and balance and sense, if any, only exists in cosmic terms, not in themes. But we humans love themes? Love, loyalty, world peace etc. Yeah, as we should because a spite to Science’s ignorance is that a person can grow a conscience. What does this all mean?

I designed a thought experiment to illustrate this. Picture a handicapped toddler. What feeling does this arouse? Well, for most people, it is pity wrapped up in an implicit thought of advantage over that person. This is not only instinctive but also primitive. Growing conscience in a suggested context is deliberately shaping how you feel so that it becomes more thoughtful, fair and reasonable- traits which are the like the golden ratio of morality. In this case, a more poetic and thoughtful reaction would be that there are enough hands, legs, eyes etc., in the world for everyone to live happily. Cheers!

About The Editor

This article was written by Herbert Uba, an engineering student from Zimbabwe. His simple intentions is to help Zimbabwe, and the world as a whole, by initiating discussions that could be helpful to in personal growth and in national building.