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I just watched the newest movie in the Transformers franchise. It was quite the screen to say the least. It was far better than real life. My life and I bet yours too! You know what else is better than real life? Almost every other movie I have watched. Okay, maybe I exaggerated a little but I’m sure you get the point. Now, quick question,have you ever asked yourself why movies are generally seemingly better than real life? I think the answer – in one word- is Intention!

In a movie, actors basically have to enliven a script. Tantamount to this is the actor’s proprietary. These two are bound by cognitive intention. I believe that learning these two aspects is key for living a thrilling life and they can be learnt and taught. I challenge you to think up your own narrative; how you want your life to be. This will be your script. Next, learn to bring your script to life by being intentional and extra conscious in everything you do. A good example is the use of intonation when you are speaking to a loved one.

I think the simple reason why movies seem more lively to us is that, compared to our lives, they are lively. Perhaps if we could delude ourselves into thinking that life is just a long movie we’d be better at it. On second thought, maybe life is in principle a movie viewing from others’ eyes. Occasionally smile at the camera, will you?

About The Editor

This article was written by Herbert Uba, an engineering student from Zimbabwe. His simple intentions is to help Zimbabwe, and the world as a whole, by initiating discussions that could be helpful to in personal growth and in national building.