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A wise man once pointed out that it is easy to fight for principles than to live up to them. This is a quite poignant observation and perhaps a good start on the subject of Morality. Join me on a quick thought experiment and see if we can learn a little more from this.

Consider you inadvertently bump into someone, what would be your reaction? Well, you could try to determine who, between you two, was in error. In fact, that is what most people would do. It’s simply instinct, what comes easier to anyone; defensive behavior. Notwithstanding that such reflex sometimes has its place, what if I told you that there is a better way to react? It’s simple, actually! Morally ideal citizens would apologise to each other simultaneously. This progressive mentality of playing bigger brother could be the key to conflict resolution. However, the catch is that one can only control one’s actions and not another’s which begs the question of whether or not it is worth it to be moral in that regard.

Considering the words of that wise man, it is important to note that he was just stating an observation and not really suggesting a course of action. Perhaps an improved version of the saying should be,

It is honorable to live up to certain principles that we agree as right and, to commensurate this, noble to not expect the same of the recipients of our courtesies.

True integrity is the ability to recognise the child in a person when he makes a mistake, making allowances and doing what’s imperative to progress and keep the peace.

About The Editor

This article was written by Herbert Uba, an engineering student from Zimbabwe. His simple intentions is to help Zimbabwe, and the world as a whole, by initiating discussions that could be helpful to in personal growth and in national building.