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Did you know that a few centuries ago, in Britain, a pineapple costed about £500? It was technically reserved for royalty. I imagine just having knowledge about the fruit was something quite fancy or somewhat scholarly. Anyway, at some point it became cheaper and more efficient to transport pineapples by ship to Britain, the price reduced and the proletariat could enjoy them.

Amazingly, the pineapple became the new normal and often ignored; so much that, come to think of it, I have never had one in about a year now. When was the last time you had one? Do you know why you are disinterested about them? The pineapple illustration is obviously not perfect but a moral of that story could be how, oftentimes in our lives, we tend to follow prices and not value. We get swayed so easily by brands and price tags that we forget to consult the depths of our minds and hearts in deliberating choices which would give us the most gratification.

Do this thought experiment, will you? Forget about the price tag for a minute, close your eyes and imagine things that excite you the most. Are you persuaded that the best things in life come free to us? Maybe you could let us know in the comment section.

About The Editor

This article was written by Herbert Uba, an engineering student from Zimbabwe. His simple intentions is to help Zimbabwe, and the world as a whole, by initiating discussions that could be helpful to in personal growth and in national building.