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Have you ever heard of the Mind Body problem? It is a philosophical discussion about what makes up a person. The dilemma is that people usually judge a person by just looking at the way they are and yet almost everyone will insist to you that his/her body has very little to do with personality. Those with gracious eyes and soothing demeanour are assumed to be benevolent and approachable whilst others seem quite repulsive from their looks.

Interestingly, the internal battle usually favors the body as it is easier for a person to adjust his mind to conform to the detects of his body than the opposite. In this way, most people who are conventionally not good looking are the abrasive type, overly defensive and thin skinned. Similarly, those with soothing looks conform to the constant reminder that their eyes are just stark kind, picking up that generous role.

Be that as it may, now that you know the Mind Body problem, it has become innocuous to you. Be intentional in everything you do, make allowances for ignorant judgment and be what you want to be in life.

About The Editor

This article was written by Herbert Uba, an engineering student from Zimbabwe. His simple intentions is to help Zimbabwe by initiating discussions that could be helpful to in personal growth and in national building.