Information about scholarship opportunities does not always disseminate to those who really need it. I had to take a year between high school and university myself before I got a hang of which countries offer scholarships, which ones are easier, which ones are the best and, equally important, how to organise your application package. Actually, my friends and I used to move from one embassy to another in search of scholarships.

Partly because of this, we intend to come up with a comprehensive guide for you on pretty much everything we have come to know about scholarships. We will talk about the social feel in some case studies so that you can know exactly what you are getting yourself into because, for some people, the surprise, when they get to a new place on scholarship, is not always pleasant.

P.C. Evidence Machinga, Indian Scholarship

Please, recommend this site to your classmates and your juniors so that they can also be aware of such opportunities. We reason that the going gets easier when you have an application buddy.
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